Step2 Real Projects Workshop

Step2 Real Projects Workshop

  • Categories: 0 – 4 Years Toys, 3 - 4 Years, Construction Works, Indoor Toys, Step2, £50 - £100
  • Type: Indoor

The Step2 Real Projects Workshop is a heavy duty children's workbench with a vice, battery powered drill, tools and a 65 piece accessory set. Perfect kids workshop for youngsters with "busy" hands.

Interlocking notches and holes for screws and nuts allow children to build with unlimited imagination.

Durafoam™ "wood" pieces are undestructible , yet soft and realistic-looking.

Blueprint plans are conveniently displayed to encourage imagination and stimulate new design ideas.

Battery-operated drill has realistic sounds and interchangeable drill bits for maximum realism (2AA batteries not included).

Sturdy table includes spring-action vise, pull-out storage bin, and top and bottom shelves.

Work surface includes scree holes, recesses for tool storage, and an adjustable angle finder.

65-piece accessory set includes an electronic drill, 3 drill bits, 2 universal holder, 8 screws, 8 nuts, saw, hammer, and 42 "wood" pieces.

Dimensions: H = 89cm, W = 58cm, D = 37cm