Step2 Grand Walk In Kitchen and Grill

Step2 Grand Walk In Kitchen and Grill

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  • Type: Indoor

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The Step2 Grand Walk in Kitchen is back ! Now with a new design and an added Grill Top. This kitchen is set to be a best seller once again.

A culinary playground of epic proportions, the Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen with Grill provides a fantastic play experience that is second to none in features or accessories. The Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill is one of the largest kids play kitchen in the Step2 Range..This kids kitchen is a free-standing kitchen, allowing kids to play both inside and around the outside.l.

3 electronic features:grill, stove top, and phone.

Foam flooring provides realism and comfort.

Large sink with swivel tap and push button.

"Stainless steel" appliances enhance play and provide extra storage space.

Huge 104 piece accessory set!

Durable poly construction wipes clean easily and lasts for years.

'Inside' Dimensions: 23" x 25"

Requires 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Adult Assembly Required.

Assembled Dimensions: H = 119cms, W = 128cms, D = 92cms.