Step2 Deluxe Workshop

Step2 Deluxe Workshop

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This workshop by Step2 will allow little ones to pretend they're a carpenter or designer as they create wooden masterpieces with Durafoam™. Children can pretend to be a handyman or handywomen as they use their toy tools. This tool workshop for kids is large with plenty of space and accessories for multi-child play. Perfect kids workshop for youngsters with "busy" hands.

Interlocking notches and holes for screws and nuts allow children to build with unlimited imagination.

Durafoam™ "wood" pieces are indestructible , yet soft and realistic-looking. Easy to put together to create birdhouses and other “wooden” projects

Features tool chest cabinet, slide in/out drawer and hanging jars where tools and screws can be stored.

Parts bin is an ideal place to store the “wood” pieces once playtime is over.

Pretend shop vacuum teaches children the importance of clean-up after creating a project.

Battery-operated drill has realistic sounds and interchangeable drill bits for maximum realism

2 x AA and 3 x AAA batteries required.

Work surface includes screw holes and recesses for tool storage.

50-piece accessory set includes an electronic drill, 2 drill bits, universal holders, screws, nuts, saw, hammer, and "wood" pieces

Dimensions: H = 103cm, W = 86cm, D = 38cm