Step2 Choo Choo Trailer

Step2 Choo Choo Trailer

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The Step2 Choo Choo Trailer is a great addition for the Choo Choo Wagon. Extend your ride on wagon  by simply attaching a trailer. Ideal for families with more than 2 kids  An extra 3 Choo Choo trailers can be added to a single Step 2 Choo Choo Wagon.

Molded-in holder for cup, bottle or juice box.

Features 8” Silent Ride Tyres for a smooth quiet ride.

Safety seat belts included.

Car locks onto wagon securely.

Minimal adult assembly required.

Choo Choo Wagon™ sold separately.

Maximum weight: 22.68 kg.

Up to three trailers may be attached to one Choo Choo Wagon (a total of five "cars").

Not designed to be compatible with older Choo Choo Wagon or Choo Choo Trailer.

Dimensions: H=55.9cm, W=48.9cm, D=38.1cm.