Rolly Toys Red X-Trac Pedal Tractor with Gears and Hand Brake

Rolly Toys Red X-Trac Pedal Tractor with Gears and Hand Brake

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Rolly Toys Red X-Trac Pedal Tractor with Gears and Hand Brake

The Red X-Trac pedal tractor is an over-sized pedal tractor for kids.The Rolly X-Trac tractors are the largest pedal tractors in the Rolly Toys range. These tractors are Extra Large in size and suitable for kids age 3 up to 10 years of age. This strong and sturdy tractor comes in red and yellow colours with matching decals. This Xtrac model has 2 forward gears. A low gear for pulling farm trailers and a high gear for speed. In addition, there is also a manually operated handbrake. Make it even more realistic by adding a Flashing Beacon. (Not included)

Pedal crank with eccentric bearing. Covered integral chain drive.

With a 12mm rear axle it can be used by kids as old as 10 years old. Adjustable seat.

All 4 wheels are strengthened by a resin band which helps the X - Trac grip on all surfaces, reduces wear and tear and makes it a quiet, smooth running tractor.

Bonnet opens and closes. Roll bar. Handbrake.

2 forward gears and reverse..

Tow hitch on the front and rear of tractor.

Dimensions; L114cms x W57cms x H83cms