Rolly Toys Pink Large Tractor with Loader and Trailer

Rolly Toys Pink Large Tractor with Loader and Trailer

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Rolly Toys Large Pink Tractor with Front Loader and Trailer

The Rolly Toys Pink Pedal tractor is certainly one for the Girls! This pink ride on tractor comes with a Junior loader plus a pull along pink and black farm trailer. The pink tractor is a large pedal tractor, suitable for kids over 3 years old. Make this girl's pink tractor stand out even more by adding a Flashing Beacon.

Pedal crank with eccentric bearing. Covered integral chain drive.

With a 12mm rear axle it can be used by kids as old as 8 years old. Adjustable seat.

Rear wheels are strengthened by a resin band which helps the pedal tractor grip on all surfaces, reduces wear and tear and makes it a quiet, smooth running tractor.

Bonnet opens and closes. Roll bar.

Comes with a Rolly Junior Loader and Farm Trailer.

Tow hitch at rear of tractor.

Dimensions; L210cms x W53cms x H62cms.