Peg Perego Toys 24 -Volt Battery 24ah

Peg Perego Toys 24 -Volt Battery 24ah

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Peg Perego Toys 24 -Volt Battery 24ah

The original Peg Perego Batteries are not only useful as a replacement but can also increase your fun with a spare battery as a back-up. Compatible only with Peg Perego Battery Powered Toys, these batteries are sealed lead acid and do not require any maintenance other than an occasional charge using an original "Yellow"  24-volt Peg Perego charger.

Suitable for the following items. - 24v John Deere Gator 6 x 4 , 24v Gaucho Jeep, 24v Polaris Ranger Jeep (Below) and 24v Polaris Sportsman Quad.

24volt / 24 ah

Dimensions L26cms x H16cms x W20cms

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