Peg Perego 12 -Volt Polaris Slingshot Car

Peg Perego 12 -Volt Polaris Slingshot Car

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Peg Perego 12 -Volt Polaris 2-Seater Slingshot

The New Peg Perego 12 volt Polaris Slingshot is a battery powered car, with a remote control for parents and is suitable for kids aged 1+. This powerful ride on vehicle for kids has 2 forward gears and a reverse gear. The Polaris Slingshot is based on the real one and includes an MP3 holder, flashing lights, windshield and a roll bar. It is capable of speeds up to 5.5mph and climbing slopes up to 10% ! With the oversized knobbly wheels the vehicle will travel over grass, gravel, rough terrain as well as smoothe surfaces. Kids as young a 1 year old can be driven about by a parent using the remote control. When they are reach 3 years old they can then drive the car independently on their own.

This Slingshot comes complete with wireless "Bluetooth" technology allowing parents to control the vehicle using a smart phone. A separate parent remote control is also included.

Rechargeable battery and charger included..

Can be driven at 2 speeds.

This vehicle can "travel up to 5.5mph!"

Powered by 2 x 165 Watt motors. 330 in total.

Accelerator and brake in a single pedal (see below).

Dimensions L128cms x W73cms x H66cms

Colours vary.

Age 1+ using the Remote Control  or 3+ for drivers on their own.

With a full back-up service, here at Activity Toys we carry a large selection of spare parts for Peg Perego Toys, such as replacement wheels, batteries and chargers, in order to keep your vehicle moving on and off the road!