Rotational Moulded Pedal Tractor Round Haylage Bale

Rotational Moulded Pedal Tractor Round Haylage Bale

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  • Type: Pedal Tractors and Trailers


With a round plastic haylage bale, kids can load up their favourite pedal tractors and trailers and play just as Dad does during the day. Measuring 24cms in diameter the round bale is suitably scaled to accompany any large pedal tractor or trailer. The kids miniature round  bale is a sturdy product manufactured from roto-moulded plastic. Strong enough for small children to sit on and light enough for kids to handle. Great farm toy accessories for all sizes and models of pedal tractors.

Weather proof and dog proof!

For indoor or outdoor use - No smell!

Heavy duty roto moulded plastic green haylage bale. Trailer NOT included.

Diameter 24cms x Height 20cms.

3mm plastic walls.

Weight 500gms.

Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene

Made in Ireland.