Little Tikes Lawn Mower

Little Tikes Lawn Mower

  • Categories: 0 – 4 Years Toys, 1 - 2 Years, Indoor Toys, Little Tikes, £10 - £25
  • Type: Outdoor

The Little Tikes Gas and Go Lawn Mower looks like the real thing! This outdoor toy comes with everything you need to keep the yard around your playhouse looking sharp! The kids lawn mower even sounds like the real thing, fuel needs topping up occasionally with a the petrol can and has a pretend accelerator on the handle. The Little Tikes lawn mower is ideal for kids over 18 months old. It encourages kids to walk and helps their balance whilst having fun outdoors.

Sounds are mechanical, no batteries needed.

Beads pop as you push the mower.

Pull cord to hear engine sounds.

Clicking key and moveable throttle.

Removable petrol can - Kids can open the petrol cap and pretend to fill up the lawn mower.