Bruder Toys Steyr CVT 6230 Tractor Bruder 03090

Bruder Toys Steyr CVT 6230 Tractor Bruder 03090

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The Steyr CVT 6230 has a fully glazed cabin and a cabin door that can be opened. A special feature of the model is the perfect imitation of the unique "Super-Steer" steering capability. In effect, Super-Steer means that the steering capability not only controls the front wheel steering knuckles but also the front axle. This means that a large tractor of this type has a very small turning radius. Like the original, our model also excels in steerage and manoeuvrability. Thanks to the unique play value and steering design, based on the extension of the steering wheel which extends through the cabin's sliding roof, children can make use of the simple to use tractor steering capability, despite the total glazing of the cabin.The bonnet can be opened. There is also an option to re-equip with twin tyres.

Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS

Bruder 03090

Scale 1:16