Bruder Toys John Deere 7670 Combine T670i Bruder 02132

Bruder Toys John Deere 7670 Combine T670i Bruder 02132

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John Deere, the world's leading tractor manufacturer, also makes combine harvesters. Bruder has managed to make this technology come to life and turn it into a tangible experience. Our little farmers will be thrilled to learn how easy this big harvester steers and how exciting it is to be able to drain the grain tank via the drain tube. Its other realistic details including the opening cabin door, numerous opening covers, a detachable cutting unit with pendulum suspension and level compensation – to name only a few. Other features include :Ackerman steering with pendulum compensation (direct steering drive with red handle), drawbar coupling, grain tank with "self-folding" covers can be opened and emptied via drain tube and manual spindle drive (red handle), spindle detachable for cleaning

The combine harvester comes complete with transport trailer and bag of grain.

Soft rubber tread tires for a smooth ride

The grain bin opens and the arm swings out

Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS.

Bruder 02132

Scale 1:16