Bruder Toys Cow Barn with Milking Machine Bruder 62621

Bruder Toys Cow Barn with Milking Machine Bruder 62621

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The Bruder Toys Cow Shed comes complete with Barn, Milking Machine, Cow and of course a Farmer. Milk you cow with the portable milking machine and then wash your cow with the built-in cow brush. Great farming play. Barn with opening windows and door at the side for flexible play. Roof sections can be removed easily.

Modular design, with component connection system to allow multiple extensions and combining with other buildings from the Bruder range.

The set features a complete play environment consisting of a barn, milking machine, cow, figure and accessories.

The detailed set can be combined with others from the Bruder bworld range.

The building provides a particularly good fit for all Bruder Pro Series vehicles (max height 24cm).

Barn requires assembly.

Dimensions 480mm x 360mm x 312mm

Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS.

Bruder 62621

Scale 1:16