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The Compound
Description The flat field also known as The Compound is perfect when your budding farmer needs extra space to park all their farm machinery! The Compound extends the play area...
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The Grass Roll
Description The Field Grass Roll offers a large grass play area measuring 48” x 20” (inches) perfect to create your own farm scene! This high quality realistic grass also offers...
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The Half Acre
Description The Half Acre Field is the newest member from the model toy Field family. Measuring 32 x 44 x 6 cm complete with Certificate of Title, realistic hedging, meadow and...
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The Field
Description The original model toy field, The Field, opens the gate to a child’s imagination! From a field to graze livestock, to a show jumping arena, a garden for fairies...
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The Field Paddocks
Description The latest edition from the model toy Field collection! The Field Paddocks is three fields in one! Each field offers a different play experience! With the changing seasons, your...
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The Field Farm
Description The Field Farm, opens the gate to a child’s imagination! The Field Farm offers twice the fun! Almost double in size to that of the original model toy field,...

The Field


A simple child’s request ignited the idea for a new business venture for Padraic Cuddy and his family. Padraic’s then three-year-old son Tommy wanted a toy field to graze his many farm animals.

Padraic obliged by handcrafting a realistic model toy field complete with hedging and traditional timber gate. His company Class Grass providers of artificial grass products proved most useful with both the field and hedging crafted from this natural looking grass product, the timber gate was fashioned out of scap wood. Watching Tommy and his friends play for hours gave Padraic the impetus to start handcrafting model toy fields for the local market.

Growing in popularity the model toy field offers a refreshing approach to the toy market, a simply elegant handcrafted Irish toy, where a child’s imagination is the only prop needed to create hours of inspired play for children.