Berg Buddy Choppy Pedal Trike

Berg Buddy Choppy Pedal Trike

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Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart Trike

The Berg Choppy pedal go kart combines driving with playing. With the adjustable seat and steering, kids from age 3 up to 8 years old can enjoy go karting in comfort and style. This is a compact little ride on tricycle which children will love for years. Simply attach the Berg Buddy Tow Hitch and add the Berg Buddy Trailer or Berg Buddy Flashing Light to complete the Berg Buddy collection! Berg Buddy Flag and Berg Buddy Sirens are also compatible with this toy.

Adjustable seat and chopper-style handlebars.

Air tyres. Freewheel and reverse gear.

Swing front axle allows the kart to travel over all terrain.

Reverse pedal brake.

Dimensions L110cms x W65cms x H63cms.

Weight 18kg.

Suitable for kids aged 3-8 years